Особо ценный объект культурного наследия народов Российской Федерации (указ Президента РФ от 15.04.2013 №360)
For prospective students

Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov (VGIK) offers an undergraduate preparatory course for international students "Russian as a foreign language and an introduction to film-making". 

Aims and learning objectives:

1. Mastering the basics of the Russian language to the extent necessary to obtain the education profile of the University and having the enhanced understanding of their chosen film-making field.

2. Learning the basics of Russian culture and socio-cultural features of communication.

3. Obtaining information about the target language country and Russian system of higher education.

4. Bringing down the language barrier in adaptation to learning in a foreign environment.

5. Familiarizing with the entry requirements for foreign applicants to VGIK and the structure of the upcoming entrance exams.

6. The possibility of individual attention and teaching from your tutors, tailored to your academic needs and the recommendations on further educational prospects of each applicant.

Here are some of the reasons why you might like to apply to VGIK 

• High level of film education and its competitiveness in the global film market, as VGIK is the first Film University of Russia which has an excellent graduate employment record. 
• An opportunity to combine academic and practical training at VGIK film studio, cooperation with Russian leading film companies and professional skills improvement. 

Programme Content

For foreign citizens without any command of the Russian language (Zero Level) the education period is 39 weeks (from September 2019 to June 2020, including 35 training weeks and 4 weeks of vacation). 

Description of general programme courses 

Russian as a Foreign Language (Fall semester – September 2019 to January 2020).Provides group classes at starter level;

Russian as a Foreign Language (Spring semester – February 2020 to June 2020) is a preparatory course for the First Level Certificate test. Successful performance in the First Level Certificate indicates an intermediate level of competence, which enables a candidate to meet his main communicative needs in everyday, cultural, educational and professional spheres in line with the State Standard of Competence in Russian as a Foreign Language. It is recognized as Russian Language entry requirements by Russian institutions of higher education. The students familiarize with film-making terminology in Russian. 

The programme starts in September 2019

Russian Literature (Spring semester) is an introductory course into Russian classical literature and the analysis of screen adaptations of literary property; 

Introduction to film-making (Spring semester) provides the analysis of the main trends of Russian and foreign cinema, artistic approaches of famous film directors, movies which have become an integral part of world film culture (lectures are accompanied by film screenings); 

Russian Fine Arts (Spring semester) gives the basic knowledge on the history of Russian art, necessary for mastering any film profession; 

Russian culture and civilization familiarizes a student with the basic aspects of social and cultural life of Russia for the initial adaptation in Russian environment and for his/her preparation for entrance exams that require general cultural knowledge; 

Introduction to film profession  depends on the chosen film field. 

The full course tuition fee is 289 000 RUB.   

During Spring semester VGIK can provide in-depth sessions with tutors and professors and individual tuition tailored to the academic needs of a student. All in-depth classes on the one-to-one basis and individual counseling require additional tuition fee depending on the chosen film field. Information is available on request of the applicant. 

The course starts in September 2019. The deadline for submitting your Application form is the 16 August 2019. 
International students without any command of the Russian language (Zero Level) are enrolled by no later than 25 September. 

2. For foreign citizens with the basic level of the Russian language skills the course may start in Spring semester (February 2020). The applicants are enrolled on the submission of the TORFL / Basic certificate or according to the results of entrance examinations in Russian (interview, test). 


Please mail all your requests and questions to:  
Russia, Moscow, 129226  
Wilhelm Pieck Str., 3  
  Attn.:  International Department  
  Phone: +7 499 181 26 80