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Международная деятельность вгик
The S.A. Gerasimov All-Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) is dedicated to promoting the development of cinematography and nurturing a new generation of filmmakers on a global scale.

VGIK is actively involved in the development of cultural exchange and artistic innovation: from international partnerships and cooperation to student exchange programs and film festivals. This page publishes news about VGIK's international activities, emphasizing the university's commitment to developing the world of cinema through cooperation and creativity.
Head of International Affairs Department:
Tatiana F. Tursunova
Phone +7 499 181 26 80
Please e-mail all requests and questions to:
[email protected]
The delegation of the City of Umag, Republic of Croatia visited VGIK
On September 3rd, 2019 VGIK was visited by a delegation from the City of Umag, Republic of Croatia on the occasion of VGIK’s centenary. The guests were received by VGIK Rector Vladimir Malyshev.  The meeting was attended by Mayor of the City of Umag Vili Bassanese, Head of the Education, Culture and Sports Committe Slaviša Šmalc, Mayor’s PR Counsel Iva Jakac Brajkoviċ, Director of the FESTUM cultural institution...
Shanghai Theatre Academy visited VGIK
During its history of international relations VGIK maintained close links with different Chinese art schools and universities. In this respect the representative of Shanghai Theatre Academy was welcomed at VGIK  October, 10. The delegation was headed by famous Chinese theatre and film director, President of College of Film&TV, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Ph. D., Professor Sherwood Hu. Professor Sherwood...
Biren Ghose, Country Head for India for Technicolor Company, held a master-class in VGIK
Mr. Ghose started his master-class saying that Technicolor help filmmakers go beyond their camera’s abilities. During his presentation Biren Ghose showed the students short videos from famous films which are the result of the work of Technicolor Company team. For example, his 3200 employees worked hard to make «the Jungle Book» film where the only actor was playing Mowgli and in most others scenes he was replaced by his computer created ...
The master-class by Nancy Novack, a documentary film director of montage (USA), took place in VGIK
On June,17, at 15.00 p.m., a master-class by Nancy Novack, a director of montage, producer and screenwriter (USA) took place in VGIK. There were present: professor V.Lisackovich, the head of the Chair of documentary film direction, B. Karadjev, associate professor of VGIK and head of the work-shop, teachers and co-workers of the documentary film direction chair and students of VGIK Film direction and Cinematography departments. At t...
VGIK welcomed Stephen Kijak (USA), a well-known American documentary filmmaker
VGIK welcomed Stephen Kijak (USA), a well-known American documentary filmmaker His film We Are X on the cult Japanese heavy metal band 'X Japan' and its founder, the composer and musician Yoshiki Hayashi, was premiered in Moscow during the Beat Film Festival, a new festival of films on music and modern culture.  Stephen Kijak directed a number of documentaries about celebrated musicians including Scott Wa...
A Workshop with Christopher Beaver, Documentary Filmmaker
On February 26, a workshop with Christopher Beaver, director and producer (USA), was held in auditorium 300, along with the screening of one of his most recent films, ‘Racing to Zero’ (2014). The director arrived in Moscow for the EcoCup festival (February 26 – February 29, 2016). Prior to the meeting with Mr. Beaver, Ms. Tursunova, Head of the International Affairs Department, made an introduction to the history of...
Renowned French producers Sandrine Brower and Marie Masmonteil (“Elzevir Films”) gave master-classes at VGIK
On April 16 and 17, Sandrine Brower and Marie Masmonteil, renowned French producers (“Elzevir Films”) gave master-classes at VGIK. The students of the Film Producing Faculty had been prepared for the talk by previews of two films: “Gett, the Trial of Viviane Amsalem”, shortlisted for the high-prestige American Golden Globe Award (directors Ronit and Shlomi Elkabetz), and “To Get to Heaven First You Have to Die” (coproduction of Fran...
Stanislav Sokolov presented his «Hoffmanniade» in Boston
21 – 24 November, 2013, the annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) took place in Boston (USA), where Stanislav Sokolov, professor of VGIK, director of animated films, presented his project of a full-length animated film «Hoffmanniade» at which he is working presently at the film studio «SOYUZMULTFILM». The director showed the half-hour completed ...
Representatives of Jakarta Institute of the Arts visited the 33rd VGIK International Festival
The program of the Jakarta Institute of the Arts (Jakarta, Indonesia) took part in the international competition program of the 33rd VGIK International Festival. The Institute representatives Mr. Bambang Supriadi, Vice-dean of the Department of Cinema and Television and Ms. Bintang Bayangkari, Head of International Affairs Department attended the Opening Ceremony and took part in the screening of the competition program. During the Festi...
Master-class of Christopher Vogler was held at VGIK
On November, 21 st Christopher Vogler gave his first master-class in Moscow. It was held at VGIK, during the 33 rd VGIK International Film Festival. Before the master-class Mr. Vogler had been greeted by Mr. Popov, VGIK-Debut Company CEO and Ms. Tursunova, Head of the International Affairs Department who expressed gratitude for his consent to speak to the students and share his reach experience. Mr. Vogler studied filmmaking at the...
Master-class of Leo de Boer was held at VGIK
On the 22nd of November, 2013, there was a master-class held by Leo de Boer, Dutch documentary director, at VGIK. He had been invited as a jury member of the international program of the 33rd VGIK International Festival. Leo de Boer presented his film «Angels of Death», awarded with the Golden Calf Prize as the best documentary at the Dutch Film Festival. The film screening took place during the master-class “Guerrilla Shootin...
Sandra Schulberg visited VGIK
On Tuesday, October 29th , the famous American producer Sandra Schulberg visited VGIK, “Nuremberg : Its Lesson for today” a documentary about the Nuremberg trials was screened. Sandra Schulberg is known as the founder and leader of the Independent Filmmakers Project (IFP - Independent Filmmaker Project), the largest organization of independent cinema in the United States, as well as a supporter of "non- Hollywood" movies. In...
Michele Fasano at VGIK
Michele Fasano, a well-known Italian filmmaker, visited VGIK on October 18, 2013 and showed his film In me non c'è che futuro (The Future Lies with Me…), a documentary about Adriano Olivetti. The visit was organized with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Moscow. The film was presented by Patricia Bonifacio and Carmela Decaro from the Adriano Olivetti Foundation. The director who has...
Master-class of Whit Stillman in VGIK
During the Amfest Filmfestifal there was a master-class of American screenwriter and movie director Whit Stillman in VGIK on September 23-d. In his conversation with the students he touched upon the short movies. Whit Stillman said that a short movie was the first chapter of a long book. Whit Stillman has created only four movies, but each of them has become an important part of cinema world. The director is a master of depicting modern ...
Report on VGIK international activities in 2012
1. International Festivals and Exhibitions Within the reviewed year VGIK sent 54 student films to 16 international film festivals which took place in Israel (Tel-Aviv), France (Cannes, Paris), Bulgaria (Sofia), USA (Los-Angeles), Germany (Dresden), China (Hong Kong), Germany (Oberhausen, Leipzig (Munich), the Czech Republic (Prague), Armenia(Erevan), Kazakhstan (Alma-Ata), Brazil (Sao-Paolo),etc. Professors and students of...
Centenary of Russian Animation at Yale University
On October 19-20 a conference devoted to the centenary of Russian and Polish animation was held at Yale University, New Haven (USA). The conference was organized by the European Council, the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature and the Polish Cultural Initiative of Yale University. Stanislav Sokolov, a VGIK professor, film director and animator, a Merited Artist of the RF, was invited to Yale to take part in the conference and give a...
Master-class of Paul Brown was held in VGIK
On the 6th of November, 2012, in VGIK main building (aud.300) there took place a master-class of Paul Brown (american producer, screenwriter and film director, professor at New York Film Academy at Universal Studios) who was many times nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe. In Paul Brown’s filmography there are: X-Files, Star Trek Voyager, Quantum Leap, Camp Rock. The name of Paul Brown is already familiar to VGIK students due to th...
The GEECT Conference was held in Sofia
On October 22-26, 2012, the GEECT (European division of CILECT) Conference of on the methodology of admission, course work and diploma assessment criteria participated by representatives from over 20 European film schools was held in Sofia, Bulgaria. VGIK was represented by Rector V.S. Malyshev, Vice-Rector E.A. Rusinova and Head of the International Affairs Department T.F. Tursunova. E. A. Rusinova took part in...
"Пираты" приехали в Москву в 3D
3-го Апреля 2012-го года студенты ВГИКа прибыли в кинотеатр ГУМа на предпремьерный показ анимационного фильма «Пираты: Банда неудачников» в 3D. Нас встретил изысканный фуршет, после которого всех провели в зал занавешенный красным бархатом. Режиссер Питер Лорд пожелал удачного просмотра, и началось! Интересный сюжет, потрясающая кукольная анимация, и персонажи, которые очаровали зрителей в первые же минуты. После фильма нам была дана ...
Студенты Японского университета Сейко прилетели в Москву
Дождливой осенью 2011-го года во ВГИК прибыли необычные гости. Студенты Японского университета Сейко прилетели в Москву на фестиваль японской культуры, а заодно и для того, чтобы создать совместный проекта со студентами факультета анимации и мультимедиа ВГИКа. Вгиковцы провели для гостей мастер-классы по необычным техникам анимации, показали свои фильмы, а так же приняли участие в создании страшного аттракциона – проведя для но...
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