Representatives of Jakarta Institute of the Arts visited the 33rd VGIK International Festival

The program of the Jakarta Institute of the Arts (Jakarta, Indonesia) took part in the international competition program of the 33rd VGIK International Festival. The Institute representatives Mr. Bambang Supriadi, Vice-dean of the Department of Cinema and Television and Ms. Bintang Bayangkari, Head of International Affairs Department attended the Opening Ceremony and took part in the screening of the competition program.
During the Festival, Mr. Supriadi, Mrs. Bayangkari and the representatives the Embassy of Indonesia Cultural Centre had a meeting with Vladimir S. Malyshev, Rector of VGIK. The opportunities of bilateral cooperation and creative exchange development between the two universities were discussed at this meeting. The indonesian delegation noted the excellent organization of the festival, its interesting and diverse program and a high professional level of the entries. After the meeting the guests visited VGIK film studio.
In 2014 the Jakarta Institute of the Arts is planning to host an International Students Film Festival. The Institute representatives expressed their hope for the participation of VGIK student films in it.
VGIK congratulates the Jakarta Institute of the Arts on winning the Best Program Prize!

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Опубликовано: 22.11.2013

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