Sandra Schulberg visited VGIK

On Tuesday, October 29th , the famous American producer Sandra Schulberg visited VGIK, “Nuremberg : Its Lesson for today” a documentary about the Nuremberg trials was screened. Sandra Schulberg is known as the founder and leader of the Independent Filmmakers Project (IFP - Independent Filmmaker Project), the largest organization of independent cinema in the United States, as well as a supporter of "non- Hollywood" movies. In October and November, Sandra is traveling along the Russian Federation and presenting her film.

"Nuremberg" was created in 1948 by Sandra’s father, Stuart Schulberg, an American director and producer. The film documents the chronicle of the trial of the former Nazi leaders and tells the story of their crimes in different countries of the world. Due to the political situation in the 40s, Stuart Schulberg never got to see his work on the big screen of the United States. Over the years, his daughter Sandra found the film and restored it in cooperation with Josh Waletzky, a documentary director and writer.

During the master class, which took place after the screening, VGIK students had a unique opportunity to discuss what they had just seen with the director. After the tour of the VGIK, Sandra Schulberg was greatly impressed with the working environment and facilities of our university and suggested considering the possibility of a student exchange program between the VGIK and the Columbia University in New York, where she teaches.

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Опубликовано: 08.11.2013

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